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Jim Lewis and Andy Hummel, co-founders of Wealth Builders InternationalAttention: All Network Marketing and MLM Pros!

Are you:

  • Sick and tired of cold calling and begging unqualified prospects to join your MLM opportunity?
  • Still trying to persuade friends and family to join?
  • Frustrated with downline who drop out as fast as you can sign them up?

Then take control!  Create a sponsoring explosion in your MLM business - starting today!

Discover new, cutting-edge strategies and little known marketing techniques top MLM Pros have used for years to generate serious incomes!

All is revealed in our FREE SPECIAL REPORT!
"The Secrets to Marketing Like an MLM Pro!"

You will learn:

  • Why most people fail in network marketing - and how to avoid these pitfalls.

  • How to use modern day technology to leverage yourself from rags to riches in record time!

  • How to increase your conversion rate from prospects to distributors from 5% to 50%!

Read what other top MLM leaders have to say about this program:

MLM newcomer strikes it big!
"I sent out 800 emails to your lead list and to date I have gotten over 90 responses!  Everyday this week I have sponsored in one person.  Today I sponsored in 2 people and have half a dozen call backs to do tonight.  Does the system work?  You bet it does!  Thank you, thank you!"
Stephanie Haberman

Over 4000 people in our downline after just 9 months!
"Out of our first batch of 1050 leads, we sent out 712 emails and had 140 responses!  We consistently get a 20% response rate and a 30% conversion when we do email campaigns.  Over our first 60 days with a new MLM program, we personally sponsored over 100 people.  But the best part is, now 9 months later, we have over 4000 people in our downline!"
Tracy Scoville & Pat Monteforte
McKinleyville, CA

With the touch of a button... 96 people respond!
"Jim and Andy, ProSend is unreal!  You guys are amazing!  When I downloaded my 1,000 leads last night, over 800 leads had e-mail addresses, which I immediately imported into my ProSend account.  With just the touch of a button, I had 96 people e-mail me back for more information in less than 24 hours, I've closed 4 already, and should get another 6 or 7 by the weekend."
Christine Chiles
British Columbia

I sponsored 100 affiliates!
"I recently did an e-mail campaign to 1000 leads I got from ProSTEP.  I got a 5% return, which is absolutely fabulous!  I've repeated the process several times, and have now added over 100 people into my affiliate program, ALL with your leads!  My thanks to you for all the encouragement you have given me when I was starting and couldn't even pay for stamps.  My secret to success... Wealth Builders International!"
Denny Gomez
San Jose, California


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